Tips on Preparing for your Disability Hearing

The Hearing Process

The administrative hearing at the Social Security administration offices is your opportunity to present more information about your disability claim. You will be expected to appear at the time and date established for your hearing. The hearing is a necessary step in the process for deciding the outcome of your Social
Security disability claim. Your attorney will be present at the hearing; if your hearing is scheduled in Oakland, California, an Oakland Social Security lawyer, will accompany you to the hearing. LaPorte Law Firm has attorneys in their downtown Oakland office who can represent you at the hearing, and they will also be able to prepare you for your testimony. The hearing does not usually involve intense cross-examination like you see in a movie or television drama. You may be asked questions by your disability lawyer or the administrative law judge about your work history and your impairments. This is your opportunity to describe your own disability and personal circumstances with the help of your disability attorney.

Arriving for the Hearing
Your Oakland disability attorney will suggest that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled hearing. This will give you ample time to settle in and get focused. There will be numerous hearings scheduled in the same day at the hearing office and it is important to arrive at the designated time. You should dress comfortably but appropriately for the hearing, wearing clothing you might wear for a job interview.

When you enter the building in which your hearing will be held, you should refrain from talking about the specifics of your case or the potential outcome. Anything you say about your disability claim should be said in private with your disability attorney. You will also have an opportunity to discuss your case with your attorney after the hearing concludes and you are outside of the building. You should also check to be sure that, as you enter the hearing room, your cell phone is turned off and remains set on silent throughout the duration of the hearing.

Your Oakland Social Security Lawyer Will Answer Your Questions
If your disability appeal is scheduled in the Oakland, California hearing office, your experienced Oakland Social Security lawyer will provide you with all the essential information you need to prepare for your hearing. Navigating the complexities of the Social Security can be overwhelming. The attorneys at LaPorte Law Firm will advise you through every step of the process. Call them today at 1800-735-3425 to schedule a free consultation.

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