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Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that features a pattern of unwanted thought, fears, or obsessions that leads you to engage in repetitive behaviors or compulsions.

How to Apply for SSI Disability Benefits

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal disability program that provides monthly benefits to disabled adults and children who have low income and resources.

The Importance of Medical Records in Your SSDI Claim

At the LaPorte Law Firm, we want to make sure you are prepared for your Social Security disability application, appeal, or hearing to give you the best shot at witting your claim. Gathering up all of your medical records can be one of the most important but intimidating tasks of the SSDI and SSI process.

New Ruling from The Ninth Circuit

In a recent ruling, The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that the Social Security regulations in 2017 eliminated the treating physician rule. The treating physician rule allowed the adjudicator to weigh medical opinions based on the extent of the doctor’s relationship with the claimant.

US Supreme Court Denies SSI Benefits to Residents of Puerto Rico

Recently, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that confirmed Congress can continue to exclude residents of Puerto Rico from receiving SSI benefits. SSI provides disability benefits to adults and children who have low income and resources.

Working While Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

If you get Social Security disability benefits, you still may be able to work. Here are all the questions that our clients typically ask about working while receiving disability benefits and the answers we provide.

Chances of Winning a Disability Case Increase When Represented

An attorney representative will help you win your case. A study from the U.S. Government Accountability Office showed that people who had an attorney representing them were three times more likely to win their case than people who did not.

Does postpartum depression qualify for disability?

Many new moms experience postpartum depression after childbirth, marked by mood swings, crying spells, anxiety, and depression. This form of depression can begin within the first two or three days after delivery and for some new moms, the symptoms can be severe and long-lasting.

Social Security Disability Lawyer Cost

There are federal laws that dictate how much your Social Security disability lawyer can charge, and all fees must be approved by the Social Security Administration. When Social Security approves a claim, the Social Security Administration will automatically deduct attorney’s fees out of a lump sum retroactive award in most cases.

Does Fibromyalgia qualify as a disability?

Answer: Yes. A person diagnosed with fibromyalgia can be approved for Social Security disability solely on the basis of fibromyalgia. While fibromyalgia is not a “listed” impairment (SSA’s Listings are impairments that automatically qualify for disability), SSA must evaluate any condition that has lasted, or can be expected to last, twelve continuous months and that results in workplace limitations.

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