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35+ Years of Helping Clients Win Their Cases

The LaPorte Law Firm has been representing Social Security disability claimants in the Bay Area since 1982. Terry LaPorte started his practice specializing in Social Security disability claims then quickly grew the law firm to include three attorneys and a senior paralegal. Today, Terry has successfully represented thousands of disability claimants over the course of his career and the LaPorte Law Firm has opened offices in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Burlingame, Sacramento, and Hawaii.
We are a full-service law firm, providing expert legal representation at all stages of the Social Security disability benefits process: the initial application, the reconsideration appeal, and finally, at the disability hearing stage with an Administrative Law Judge. We are a local law firm mainly servicing the Bay Area, so we are familiar with the administrative judges at the San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland hearing offices, as well as the staff at local Social Security field and hearing offices.

What We Do

The LaPorte Law Firm provides free initial consultations for people who are either considering a disability application, have been recently denied on their application, or are waiting for their disability hearing to be scheduled. For every potential client, we explain the process and discuss the best strategy for pursuing their claim. Once retained, we obtain medical records to document the client’s disability, ensure that Social Security paperwork and appeals deadlines are met, and communicate with them throughout the disability process. If warranted, we also help prepare them for their disability hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.

Disability Hearing Specialists

Our founding principle is to put the interests of our clients first, so since most claims are won at the hearing stage, a large part of our work is helping clients prepare for their appearance before an Administrative Law Judge. This includes:

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