About Us

Our Practice

The Laporte Law Firm has been representing Social Security disability claimants in the Bay Area since 1982, when Terry LaPorte started his practice specializing in Social Security disability claims. Terry grew the law firm to include three attorneys and a senior paralegal, and opened offices in San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Salinas, Santa Cruz, Burlingame, Sacramento, Stockton and Hawaii. Terry has successfully represented thousands of disability claimants over the course of his career.

The LaPorte Law firm is a full service law firm, providing legal representation at all stages of the Social Security disability benefits process, including the initial application, the reconsideration appeal, and finally at the disability hearing stage with an Administrative Law Judge. We are a local law firm mainly servicing the Bay Area, so we are familiar with the administrative judges at the San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland hearing offices, and the staff at local Social Security field and hearing offices.

We provide free initial consultations for people who are either considering a disability application, have been recently denied on their application, or are waiting for their disability hearing to be scheduled. We explain the process and decide the best strategy for pursuing their claim. Once retained, we obtain medical records to document our client’s disability, ensure that Social Security paperwork and appeals deadlines are met, and communicate with our clients throughout the disability process and help prepare them for their disability hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.

Since most claims are won at the hearing stage, a large part of our practice is helping clients prepare for their hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. This includes conducting several preparation sessions before the hearing to explain the procedure to our clients and prepare them for questioning, summarizing the best evidence supporting disability in a written brief to the judge, requesting medical records to ensure the case file is up to date at the time of the hearing, and using our knowledge of the law to present the best legal argument for successfully obtaining a fully favorable judge’s decision.Our founding principle is to put the interests of our clients first.

Our Practice Locations

We know that traveling while disabled can be a challenge, so we will meet with clients based on their need and convenience. Our office headquarters are located in San Jose and Oakland. For those who cannot drive or prefer to take public transit, our locations in downtown Oakland and San Francisco are right outside BART entrances. For those on the peninsula we have an office location in Burlingame. For those in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties we have offices in Santa Cruz and Salinas. For people living in Santa Clara County our San Jose office is conveniently located downtown. We also service clients in Sacramento, Stockton, and Hawaii.

Our Fees

We don’t get paid unless our clients win their case. Our clients never pay out of pocket while waiting for the outcome of their disability claim. This is especially important for workers who are hurting physically or emotionally, and suffering the financial hardships imposed by medical bills and unemployment. We only take cases we believe are meritorious according to Social Security’s disability rules, and we fight to ensure to that our clients have the opportunity to present the best possible case for disability.

Our fees are the statutory rate of 25% of retroactive benefits, capped at $6,000, with 100% of the ongoing monthly benefits going to the disabled claimant after their claim is approved. Because the Social Security administration can take several years to adjudicate a disability claim, disability claimants are often entitled to a large check for retroactive benefits for the period in which they were waiting for their claim to be decided. Our fees automatically come out of that first retroactive check, so our clients never have to pay us directly.


We provide a free disability consultation with one of our attorneys. If we cannot represent a disability claim, we explain Social Security rules, provide guidance on the process and the best steps going forward, and provide assistance with the paperwork if a disability claimant wishes to pursue their claim unrepresented. If the client decides to retain our firm, we will zealously represent their claim until we reach a favorable outcome. If a client wishes to appeal an unfavorable decision, we believe it is our duty as advocates to appeal unfavorable decisions to the Appeals Council, along with our written briefs summarizing the basis for appeal.

Thank You

Thank you for considering LaPorte Law Firm when choosing legal representation on your disability claim. We take great pride in our work and our service of clients, and maintain compassion for people living with disabilities that prevent them from working.