Our Lawyer Fees

Attorney’s fees are 25% of your first retroactive payment, but the fee is limited to $6,000 at most. No matter how much money you are owed by the Social Security Administration your attorney’s fee will not be higher than $6,000. There is no up front fee or ongoing fee after you win your case. Because the Social Security administration can take several years to adjudicate a disability claim, disability claimants are often entitled to a large check for retroactive benefits for the period in which they were waiting for their claim to be decided. Our fees automatically come out of that first retroactive check, so our clients never have to pay us directly.
In Social Security disability cases a contingency fee agreement is especially important for workers who are hurting physically or emotionally, and suffering the financial hardships imposed by medical bills and unemployment. We only take cases we believe are meritorious according to Social Security’s disability rules, and we fight to ensure to that our clients have the opportunity to present the best possible case for disability.