The Importance of Medical Records in Your SSDI Claim

At the LaPorte Law Firm, we want to make sure you are prepared for your Social Security disability application, appeal, or hearing to give you the best shot at witting your claim. Gathering up all of your medical records can be one of the most important but intimidating tasks of the SSDI and SSI process. Medical records play a crucial role in your claim. Here’s what you need to know. Social Security reviews all relevant medical records when determining whether or not a claimant is disabled. Relevant medical records include all medical treatment you have received since the date you became disabled and unable to work. It’s also important to update Social Security with the most up-to-date medical records. After you file your claim, your disability file can be updated with any recent medical treatments you receive while your claim is pending. When you file an SSI or SSDI application and the subsequent appeal, Social Security will ask you for a list of the medical treatment you received for your disability. It is important to list all of the doctors and treatment you receive. During the application and appeal process, Social Security will request records directly from the providers you listed in the application and the appeal. If your case goes to a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, it will become your responsibility to obtain your medical records and supply them to Social Security. The Administrative Law Judge will want to review all of the most up-to-date records before the hearing to decide your claim. Our attorneys and staff have years of experience obtaining and reviewing medical records. We can work with you to obtain your medical recodes and ensure all the important information is in your file to give you the best chance of winning your case.

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