SSA Office Reopening Plans 2022

Social Security field office have been closed to the public for two years. Since March 2020, all business with SSA has been conducted online or over the phone. The closures have especially impacted those without access to reliable internet connection, computer equipment, or for those who speak English as a second language. While SSA has improved their online services, there are many important reasons to keep field offices open to the public for walk-ins. The most vulnerable members of the population still need in-person services to accomplish important services such as submitting an SSI application or appealing unfavorable disability decisions.

SSA is rolling out a plan to reopen field offices for these essential services. Beginning on March 30, federal employees will return to SSA field offices. As of now, early April is the target date to offer in-person appointments for walk-ins. Thus far in the pandemic, SSA has only offered in-person appointments to those without food, medicine, or shelter who need to reinstate or apply for benefits. SSA online tools do not include the scheduling of appointments online.

Starting this April, SSA field offices plan to implement the following covid-19 safety protocols for members of the public:

  1. All SSA employees and visitors must wear a mask while inside the office
  2. Disposable masks will be provided to the public
  3. KN95 masks are available on request
  4. Members of the public and SSA employees will remain 6 feet apart for social distancing
  5. Mandated 10 day quarantine for SSA employees who test positive for covid-19 or who were exposed to someone with a covid-19 diagnosis

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It is unclear whether a new wave caused by the BA.2 version of the omicron variant will impact these reopening plans. We will continue to post updates here as the SSA plans are enacted.

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