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Oakland disability attorney

Tips for Your Doctor from Your Oakland Disability Lawyer

Your doctor will play an important role in your disability case. Your Oakland disability attorney will communicate with your doctor to prepare him or her for this role and answer any questions he or she may have.

Describing a Patient’s Impairment
Your doctor should feel confident in clearly and accurately describing your impairment, even if you have retained some abilities. It is important that neither you nor your doctor exaggerate your impairments for the sake of your case. Any embellishments will damage the doctor’s credibility and will be not beneficial to your disability claim.

Your Doctor’s Description of Work Ability
Your doctor will be asked to fill out a form describing your ability to perform various work activities. The work you are expected to do will differ depending on your age. It is best for your doctor to communicate with your attorney before completing the form to understand its usefulness for your claim.

Preparation with Your Attorney
A knowledgeable and experienced Oakland disability attorney can assist both you and your doctor as you prepare for a hearing on your disability claim. It is important for your doctor to understand what will be expected throughout the disability claims process, and to have a reliable resource to answer any questions about your disability claim in particular. An attorney from LaPorte Law Firm can help you today. Call toll free at 1 800-735-3425 for more information about how to file a disability claim or how to appeal a claim if you have been denied disability benefits.

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