How much can I get in disability payments?

Considering filing an application for Social Security disability and unsure of your monthly payment amount if approved? Each individual has a unique disability amount based on covered earnings. Your monthly disability amount depends solely on the amount of federal income taxes you have paid over your lifetime. The best way to find out your monthly disability amount is to create an account online at If you are unable to create an account online you can call your local social security office and speak to a representative who will provide a payment estimate.

Once you have created an account with Social Security, you can find out your monthly disability amount, early retirement amount, full retirement amount, and see your entire earnings history. You do not need an account with Social Security to file an application for disability, but it’s helpful to know the numbers prior to starting the application process. Social Security uses a formula based on your “covered earnings” The average SSDI monthly payment is 2021 is $1,277 and the maximum disability benefit is $3,011.

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