How Long Will I Wait For a Decision on My Disability Appeal?

The waiting time for claimants to receive a final decision on their disability appeals is reported below for the Northern California and Reno Offices of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). (Waiting time is measured as the number of days from the date an appeal is received by the hearing office to the date a favorable, denial or dismissal decision is issued.)

A number of local hearing offices reported shorter wait times as of May 2013, compared to September 2012. For example, the waiting time in San Jose was reduced to 317 days in May 2013, as compared to 323 days in September 2012. In Stockton, the waiting time was 282 days in May 2013, compared to 300 days in September 2012.

The Oakland hearing office had its waiting time reduced from 372 days to 339 days. Other hearing offices, including San Francisco and San Rafael, had an increase in waiting times. San Francisco’s waiting time in May 2013 was over one year (384 days), compared to 323 days in September 2012. Clients represented by LaPorte Law Firm usually receive their hearing decisions significantly faster than the waiting times listed below.

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