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What should I do with the Hart v. Colvin Notice I just received from Social Security?

If you recently received a notice about a class action settlement from Social Security, you may be eligible to have your prior denied claim reopened. If successful, this appeal could result in the payment of substantial retroactive payments and the possible approval of ongoing disability payments. You have 90 days to sign and return the “Hart v. Colvin Request Form”. The LaPorte Law Firm has experience handling claims related to the Hart v. Colvin settlement. Call now to schedule a free consultation:

So what is the settlement about? The class action concerns a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration for relying on consultative examination reports from Bay Area physician Dr. Frank Chen. The disqualification of Dr. Chen occurred after repeated complaints to the Social Security Administration by claimants and their representatives regarding Dr. Chen’s consultative examinations. An initial corrective action letter was sent to Dr. Chen on September 2, 2011, identifying four main areas of concern – the quality of Dr. Chen’s reports, the thoroughness of his examinations, inappropriate religious comments, and unauthorized neurological examinations. A second corrective action letter on October 14, 2013 regarding ongoing complaints concerning the thoroughness of Dr. Chen’s examinations, the quality of his reports, and his unprofessional manner with claimants. Dr. Chen was removed from the consultative examination panel effective December 31, 2013, after failing to make necessary changes to improve the quality of his examinations.

Who is eligible? If you were previously denied by the Social Security Administration and were examined by Dr. Chen between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2013, you may be eligible to have your claim reviewed under the class action settlement. Because Dr. Chen performed inadequate examinations, the Social Security Administration erroneously denied many claims. You have the right to have your case reexamined without consideration of Dr. Chen’s unfavorable report. Call the LaPorte Law Firm today for a free consultation regarding your Hart v. Colvin notice.

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