Audio Recordings Can Now Be Electronically Downloaded Within Days of Your Hearing

In recent years, the SSA has implemented a number of online services for claimants’ representatives, including access to our clients' electronic folders. At LaPorte Law Firm, we have conducted online business for our clients with the SSA since the Appointed Representative Services (ARS) initiative began in 2009. These online services have allowed us to electronically file disability applications and appeals, and in addition we’ve been able to more efficiently file new medical evidence, written legal arguments, and even submit proposed Favorable Decisions for approval by SSA on behalf of our clients.

Unemployment Insurance

“I can’t work, but I’ve been receiving unemployment because I need a roof over my head. Will getting unemployment cause my SSA disability appeal to be denied?”

The Answer: Perhaps…or maybe not.

At our office, we receive inquiries often on this issue, particularly since 2009 when layoffs and extensions of unemployment benefits have been common.

Link sharing

Writing Effective Hearing Briefs for the ALJ by Gordon Gates from Saco, Maine. I was able to attend his presentation at the Spring Conference of the National Organization of Claimants' Representatives (NOSSCR) in Philadephia on May 4, 2012 and it was excellent.

Looking up

The Social Security appeal process has been more accessible, and user friendly, for individuals seeking to apply for disability or retirement benefits. Over the course of the past few years, the Social Security Administration has effectively changed and implemented many of the ways in which claimants can request information from SSA offices.

Public Benefits Offset to Social Security Disability Benefits

An award of benefits by Social Security for a claimant’s disability may be subject to offset because of payments received from Workers’ Compensation and/or State disability benefits. Because Workers’ Compensation, State disability benefits, and Social Security are all public benefits, the general intent of the offset is to reimburse the state for public benefits paid to an injured worker if that individual also qualifies for Social Security disability.