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Past Relevant Work

An important factor in determining whether you will qualify for Social Security disability benefits is your "past relevant work." You should understand how your past relevant work will affect your disability claim and why it is so important, especially if you do not qualify for disability benefits on the basis of your medical findings alone.

New Social Security Policy to Expedite Disability Process for 100% Service-Connected Veterans

Beginning on March 17, 2014, veterans applying for Social Security disability benefits who have a 100 % service-connected disability rating received at any time from the Veterans Administration may receive an expedited decision in their SSA disability claim.

A San Jose Social Security Lawyer Explains the Appeal Process

In this blog, Terry LaPorte, a San Jose Social Security lawyer, gives a brief explanation of the deadlines for various levels of the appeal process and how they apply to your Social Security disability claim.

How It Works : In any Social Security disability case, there are four levels through which the claim must pass before your San Jose Social Security lawyer may file suit in federal court.

What Do I Testify About at My Disability Hearing?

A qualified Disability Lawyer in Oakland can assist you in finding real life examples of your medical history, work experience, and everyday activities, and other relevant topics you will be asked to discuss at your disability hearing.

No Link Between Unemployment and the Rise in Social Security Applications

In the last few years a popular myth has developed that millions of healthy Americans have applied for Social Security disability benefits solely because their unemployment benefits expired. According to this belief, the Great Recession has caused an increase in Social Security disability applications only because people are unable to find jobs in this difficult job market, or simply don’t want to go back to work after their unemployment benefits run out.

The Substantial Gainful Activity Test

In order to receive Social Security disability benefits, you must be unable to engage in substantial gainful activity. If you are performing substantial gainful activity, you will be deemed ineligible for social security benefits, no matter what health problems you have.

The Treating Physician Rule as a Factor in Qualifying for SSD

Many factors are considered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) in its determination of a claimant’s disability. The medical records documenting the treatment history are examined to understand the nature of the impairment, but, as a San Jose disability attorney can explain, the “treating physician rule” is a critical factor in the SSA’s evaluation.

Defining Social Security Disability

Individuals filing for disability often are very uncertain about many aspects of the process, and can easily feel overwhelmed. One question clients often ask is what definition of disability the Social Security Administration uses in the SSD and SSDI claims and appeals process.

2014 Social Security (OASDI) Program Rates & Limits

The Consultative Examination

Each claimant for Social Security disability must provide medical records as part of the application process. If the Social Security Administration (actually the state agency with whom SSA contracts to determine eligibility for disability) concludes that the submitted medical evidence is insufficient to support a disability finding, experienced disability lawyers in San Jose will tell you that the SSA will more often than not require the claimant to undergo a consultative examination.

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