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Are you considering a Social Security Disability claim and asking yourself these questions?

If I can no longer work due to my disability, what disability benefits am I able to apply for?

How can I afford an attorney when I'm not working? What are the fees involved?

If my Social Security Disability application is rejected, how do I appeal?

How does the Social Security Disability appeal process work?

Do I qualify for disability? If so, how do I apply?

How do I find reputable legal representation that is 100% committed to defending my case?

Is there a deadline for Social Security Disability appeals?

Is it possible to appeal rejected Social Security Disability cases online?

If you are attempting to take on the system by yourself, it’s highly likely that these types of questions are on your mind, and even more likely that you are in need of an expert in your corner.

You are not alone.
We are here to help.

At LaPorte Law Firm, we are committed to fighting for our clients to get them through some of the toughest times of their lives. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate a very complex administrative system when you have limited technical knowledge. However, with our expertise as the leading disability attorneys in the Bay Area of California for over 40 years, we have what it takes to guide you every step of the way.

Although positive outcomes for Social Security Disability claims and appeals may seem out of reach for many, we know that with the right guidance and knowledge of the system, success is more than possible for any of our clients. No case is too big or too small for us. When you choose us, we’ll be fighting alongside you every step of the way.

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I have been wanting to personally thank your team, and Terry especially, for the hard work and help with my disability claim. I also got valuable suggestions from Terry about options to stay on disability while attending college. It has worked out really well and I have just finished my first semester back in school.

Greg Whitson

LaPorte Law Firm is very good at what they do. The application process for a Social Security Disability claim can be a long, complicated, and stressful experience, but LaPorte made the entire process so much easier for me. They’re the best!

Thomas Gardner

LaPorte Law Firm is awesome. They stood by me until my case was finished and we got what was owed to me. I can’t thank them enough. I would totally recommend them to anyone in need.

Sue Sarno

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Frequently Asked Questions

SSDI is a disability insurance program financed by your Social Security paycheck deductions. Unless prohibited by your age, you must have worked a total of 10 years (40 quarters), 5 of which must be within the last 10 years (20 of the last 40 quarters). In order to be eligible for SSDI benefits, you must have earned FICA-taxed wages during this work period.

For Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, no work time is required at all. There are, however, limits to eligibility based on how much property you own or money you have in the bank, as the SSI program is aimed at individuals who lack income or resources and are disabled. Benefits are paid as a flat rate, and the amount may be reduced if you receive any money or assistance from any source.

With both SSI and SSDI, you must be found disabled. The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees both programs and defines disability as being unable to perform any “substantial gainful activity.”

No, SSDI can be seen as a safety net. It will pay monthly benefits to you based on the amount of money that you have already paid into the system through employment taxes.
If your claim is approved upon the first attempt, the process should take just a few months. However, it should be noted that only approximately one-third of claims are approved on the first filing. As such, most applicants need to go through the appeal process to secure their benefits. If your claim is then approved after an appeal to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, delays of a year or more before benefit payment commences are also common.
Attorney’s fees are 25% of the first retroactive payment to you by the SSA; however, the fee is capped at US$7,200 regardless of the amount of money you are owed by the SSA. There is no one-off or ongoing fee after you win your case. As the SSA can take several years to adjudicate a disability claim, disability claimants are often entitled to a large check for retroactive benefits for the period in which they were waiting for their claim to be decided. Our fees automatically come out of that first retroactive check, so our clients never have to pay us directly.
If your application is rejected on your first attempt, as is the case for many first-time applicants, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. An appeal must be filed using the proper forms within 60 days of the date of the denial decision. Your chances of winning an appeal are greatly enhanced by retaining a firm that specializes in Social Security law.
The monthly amount you will receive depends on factors such as age, past earnings, and type of benefit. The law allows retroactive pay up to 12 months prior to the month of a disability application. To get a better idea of your situation, it is advisable to consult the SSA’s benefit calculator.

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