Knowledge is Power – Get accurate hearing wait time estimates by locating your local Social Security office


Locating Your Nearest Social Security Field Office

Whether you have a pending disability application, or are considering filing for Social Security disability, it’s important to know the location of your local Social Security office. Luckily Social Security provides an easy way to locate your local Social Security field office using your zip code. Simply click on the following website:

Click the blue text labeled “Social Security office Locator” in the upper right hand part of the screen, enter your zip code, and click “Locate”.

Locating Your Hearing Office

If your case is currently pending at the hearing level, it’s important to know which hearing office has jurisdiction over your case. For example, if you live in Pittsburg, California or Antioch, California, your hearing office is located in downtown Oakland. If you live in Vallejo, your hearing office is located in San Rafael. If you live in Monterey or Santa Cruz Counties, your hearing office is in San Jose. To find your hearing office, visit the following website:

Click “R9 San Francisco”, find the nearest city to your address, click on that location, and check whether that hearing office services your local field office.

Estimating the Wait Time for a Disability Hearing

When you request a hearing after your appeal is denied at the reconsideration level, the hearing office will contact you. Knowing in which hearing office’s jurisdiction you reside is for will allow you to better estimate the wait time for a hearing. Information regarding average wait times is also available at the following website.

As of March 2017, the average wait time at the San Jose Hearing Office is 16 months. San Rafael ODAR is 17 months, Oakland is 19 months, San Francisco takes 16 months, Stockton ODAR wait times are 17 months, Honolulu takes 13 months, and the wait time in Sacramento is currently 16 months.

At the LaPorte Law Firm, we take pride in providing information to our clients so that they know what to expect. Our attorneys take care to give accurate and up to date wait-time estimations.