Waiting Time for Social Security Disability Hearings and Appeals Decisions

Average Wait Time Until a Hearing is Held (as of April 2016)

The average waiting time for a Social Security Disability hearing has increased significantly this year. The chart below shows the average wait time – in months – between the date a hearing is requested and the date a hearing is held for the hearing offices in Northern California, Reno and Honolulu. Honolulu had the shortest average wait time – 14 months – while Oakland and San Francisco had the longest wait – 17 months. As shown on the chart, claimants in Northern California and Reno have to wait for well over a year for a hearing to be scheduled on their Social Security disability appeal.

Hearing Office

Average Wait Time to Final Disposition of a Hearing Request (as of April 2016)

The table below shows the average waiting time to receive a final decision after a hearing is held on a claim for Social Security disability benefits. For the hearing offices in Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii listed below, the average number of days between filing a request for a hearing and receiving a final disposition on the claim for disability benefits ranges from approximately 431 days (Honolulu) to 562 days (Oakland). Waiting times for a final disposition on a hearing request have increased significantly this past year.


Source: Social Security Administration