How Long is the Wait for a Disability Hearing ?

Clients often ask how long it will take for their SSI or SSDI disability benefits appeal to be scheduled for a hearing before a Social Security administrative law judge. The chart below shows the average wait time – in months – between the date a hearing is requested and the date a hearing is held for the hearing offices in Northern California, Reno and Honolulu. Honolulu had the shortest average wait time – 10 months – while Oakland and Reno had the longest wait – 13.5 months. As shown on the chart, claimants in Northern California and Reno can expect to wait at least one year for a hearing to be scheduled on their Social Security disability appeal.

While the chart provides the latest available statistics on the “average” wait times for hearings, our clients are likely to have their hearings held 30 to 90 days faster than the “average”. This is so because “average” scheduling times are slower for claimants who are unrepresented; or include delayed processing for claimants or representatives who request postponements of hearings. It is our office policy to not contribute to the delays of the SSA system and, instead, “take the first hearing dates available” when hearings are scheduled. Also, our office is able to request enforcement of SSA regulations which provide that clients should receive an expedited hearing for those who are homeless, have a terminal medical condition, or are veterans with a 100 percent VA Compensation rating.


Source: Social Security Administration