I just completed my appeal for Social Security Disability and was represented by Anne LaPorte of LaPorte Law firm. I strongly recommend Anne to represent you in your disability case. It's a lengthy process and this law firm is very familiar in all the phases. I found Anne easy to work with and very patient. She's smart, studies your medical history, and coordinates all the medical records and inputs to Social Security. I had a large medical history and Anne worked through all that to provide the key points she presented in the case. We also met to coordinate my court appearance. We won our case in 30 minutes. I was surprised and impressed ! A few years ago, at the beginning, I was uncertain as to the whole disability claims process and hiring a lawyer to represent me. Looking back, I can tell you that a lawyer is absolutely required to succeed. The para-legal to us "You came to the right place" and she was right.

Zen L.