50, very rare, unheard of medical condition Ehler Danlos, wrong diagnosis from soc security, short history with treating Dr). Kevin successfully tackled every problem with my case. With Kevin's professionalism, knowledge, thoroughness, AND experience working with the Oakland judges, he won this tough case....Fully Favorably decision with back pay going back 3 years. Wow!

I interviewed multiple attorneys and chose Kevin because of his professionalism, expertise, commitment, and his willingness to practice with me as much as I needed until I felt very comfortable and very confident before the judge. No other attorney was willing to put in that extra effort or study my medical records as carefully as Kevin. It's rare to find an advocate as dedicated to clients as I Kevin AND who has working experience with the local judges, which is very important as you don't want an attorney going in blind. Go ahead and interview a few attorneys and I'm sure you will reach the same conclusion: Kevin LaPorte is the best social security attorney!!