Settlement Gives Second Chance to Disability Claimants Who Were Subjected to Medical Exams by Dr. Frank Chen

Thousands of individuals denied Social Security disability benefits after submitting to a medical exam by Dr. Frank Chen may soon be given the opportunity to have their denied claims re-evaluated as a result of a recent legal settlement. These claimants include those who were examined between 2007 and 2013 by Dr. Frank Chen at one of Social Security’s clinics located in the San Francisco Bay Area and San Luis Obispo County, including Northstate, Health Analysis, Priority, Pacific Health Clinic, or any other clinic at which they were seen by Dr. Chen.

Child in Care

These days, we often hear from certain politicians and media that too many people are receiving Social Security benefits. Yet a recent study showed that in one specific area involving monies to parents with a child under 16, SSA wrongfully terminated benefits to rightfully eligible mothers and fathers.

Use of Personal Health “Diaries” as Evidence at Your Disability Hearing

Personal health diaries can help prove disability claims based on medical conditions that increase or decrease in their severity. For example, an individual with a pulmonary condition causing recurring “attacks” may have adequate control of their symptoms most days, but the severity and frequency of asthma attacks, recurring bronchitis or pulmonary infections or “flares,” are such that the person can’t hold a job.

Knowledge is Power – Get accurate hearing wait time estimates by locating your local Social Security office

Locating Your Nearest Social Security Field Office

Whether you have a pending disability application, or are considering filing for Social Security disability, it’s important to know the location of your local Social Security office. Luckily Social Security provides an easy way to locate your local Social Security field office using your zip code.

Attmore Decision

The case of Attmore v. Colvin (9th Cir. 2016) addresses the question of how an administrative law judge (ALJ) should determine whether sufficient evidence of medical improvement exists to terminate disability status in a “closed period” case.

The Role of the Vocational Expert at the Hearing

Clients are frequently confused about the role that the Vocational Expert (VE) plays at a hearing and even more confused by the examination of and the testimony of the VE. Essentially, the role of the VE at the hearing is to assist the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in clarifying the claimant’s past work and in identifying any other work that the claimant can perform in the national economy.